About Us

Pooja Polyplast was found in the year 2005 by The DCA group of companies which has been in the plastic sales and manufacturing industry since 1976. To maintain full customer satisfaction and positive relations with our clients, we have always aimed to provide the best quality possible in the most sustainable and efficient ways.


  • Mr. Kailash Agarwal
  • Ms. Vijayalakshmi Agarwal
  • Mr. Pavan Kumar Agarwal
  • Ms. Roshni Agarwal
  • Mr. Vansh Agarwal

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Our Journey in The Packaging Industry

Our journey started with the manufacturing of monolayer tubular LDPE film. Soon after we expanded into polypropylene tubular quenched film, rotogravure printing and lamination.

Considering the government regulations for food packaging and the requirement of solvent-free lamination in Food, Dairy, Beverages, Medicine, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Liquors, and Personal care products, we expanded into solvent-less machine by Nordmeccania. Nordmeccania is an Italy based company and is one of the top lamination machines manufactures in the world. Currently we have two solventless machines by Nordmeccania and one solvent-base lamination machine. Along with the lamination machine we have also moved to fully automatic one-meter web-width 8 color rotogravure press which can produce a variety of world-class packaging material.

Previously we precured the required multilayer LDPE film from different suppliers however, we were facing quality issues which was affecting our aim of providing the best quality to our clints after which, we decided to expand into multilayer co-extrusion blown film plant from one of the leading Indian machine manufacturers. Currently we have two of these state-of-art machines.

We have also been increasing our capacity to manufacture silver pouches (also known as biryani pouches) since the beginning of Pooja Polyplast. In the recent years, we have added manufacturing of a range of different types of stand-up pouches including transparent, colored, customized, with window and paper as the demand of these have increased drastically because of its long-lasting quality, convivence and attractiveness.

We also have experience in the packaging and thermoformed disposable polypropylene containers in a vast range of qualities, varieties, shapes, and colors, as we have a plant of the following since 2003 under the DCA group of companies.


To make our plant more energy efficient and save electricity, we make sure all the employees run the machinery at the most efficient speeds and turn off all systems when they are not required. At Pooja Polyplast we believe that small things can also create a huge impact, we try saving as much electricity as possible by using natural light and good ventilation in the factory. We make sure lights and fans are only used when required. Adding to this we have planned to start using green energy by installing a solar plant in the firm which could save up to 30-40% of our electricity. This system would also provide the government grid with electricity when all the energy by the solar plant is not used by our manufacturing unit. We also have a small-scale rainwater harvesting system and water filleters to reuse water where possible to maximize the water usage.

Safety and hygiene

Handling heavy machinery can be hazardous, we make sure our employees go through a training process before they start working with the machinery. This training process is in-house and performed by our experienced managers and existing machine operators. Most packaging material manufactured at our unit is used in the food industry making hygiene a very important factor in the process of manufacturing. To maintain hygiene, all our employees sanitize their hands use gloves and masks where essential. Keeping in mind the covid-19 pandemic, we got our employees vaccinated for their safety and for the safety of our customers.


To be the world’s most sustainable, efficient, eco-friendly, and customer-centric packaging industry in the world.


Our mission is to increase our product portfolio in the packaging sector and expanding our customer base from Asia and Africa to other continents too.